What do firefighters do when they are not running fire or EMS calls?

Kalispell firefighters maintain 20 hours of training per month as a minimum standard. All firefighters are at least EMT-Basic certified, with most being Paramedics; these Emergency Medical Services certifications have additional continuing education requirements. They also conduct “company-level” commercial fire prevention inspections, check and maintain equipment and apparatus, teach fire safety to schools, test hydrants, study, maintain physical condition, conduct station tours, supervise fire drills, and document all fire and Emergency Medical Services calls. Some firefighters are involved in various departmental committees and special teams, such as hazardous materials, rope rescue and tactical paramedicine (SWAT medic). Due to shifts of 24 hours, firefighters also shop, pay for, and prepare all of their own meals and complete normal household chores around the station. For more information, contact us at 406-758-7760.

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