8th Ave W - Water Main Replacement & Road Reconstruction


The City of Kalispell has selected LHC Inc. to replace water main and reconstruct 8th Ave West from West Center Street to 11th St West and along 11th St West from 8th Ave West to 7th Ave West. The work also includes a trench patched storm main extension along 4th St West from 8th Ave West to 7th Ave West.  

Roadway reconstruction includes new curb and gutter and typical city street section. Existing driveways will be reconstructed with drive-over curb. Apron/connection materials (i.e., gravel, concrete, asphalt) will be replaced to match the existing material. Driveways will be constructed in accordance with Section 9.1.14 of the City of Kalispell Standards for Design and Construction. Driveways are defined as an access to a garage or access to property (i.e., flag lots).

Current perpendicular and/or angled parking along the street will be eliminated with the construction of streetside curb and parallel parking along both sides of the roadway will be allowed. 

Existing sidewalks will only be replaced at intersections and locations that will be disturbed with the installation of water services. New sidewalks along the project will not be reconstructed nor installed. At intersections with existing sidewalks, concrete ramps will be constructed with truncated domes and in accordance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements.

The work is planned to start in May 2023 and is expected to last thru October 2023.  NorthWestern Energy will be relocating some gas main, south of 8th St, prior to construction starting.  It is anticipated that work will begin at approximately 7:00 am and continue to 5:00 pm each day, Monday through Friday.

During this time, sections of 8th Ave West & 4th St West will be closed to vehicle traffic. As construction progresses, residents who access their driveways and/or park along the roadway will need to find alternate parking areas on side streets or access properties via the alleys during certain times of the construction schedule. 

The City of Kalispell would like to thank you for your understanding while we perform the needed work in your neighborhood.

Please contact Casey Malia with LHC Inc. at 406-890-5054 with question or concerns.

8th Avenue W - Water Main Repalcement and Road Reconstruction Project Map