Water Conservation

Here at the City of Kalispell, we're dedicated to providing the tools and resources for you to make water smart decisions both inside and outside your home. 

Where the City of Kalispell's Water Comes From

The City of Kalispell's water supply comes from groundwater sources within the city limits and supplies water to the distribution system and four storage reservoirs.

Acting to Conserve Our Water Supply

Taking action now to conserve water is the cheapest, most expedient, and environmentally-friendly way to ensure water supply sustainability through the hot summer months. And all it takes to help is doing one thing to reduce your water use. 

Doing One Thing Makes a Difference

In big ways and small, we can all do one thing to conserve Kalispell’s limited water supply. If you can’t upgrade to water-saving appliances or overhaul your irrigation system, you can always take a shorter shower. Simple solutions can have a substantial cumulative impact.

Whether big or small, know that by doing one thing to save water in and around your home, you’re making a difference.