Yard Waste Collection

Alley Clean-Up  

The City of Kalispell's alley clean-up program runs on a secondary collection route of scheduled weekly pick up. Reasonable amounts of lawn trimmings shall be put in bags and placed on either side of the alley as so as not to obstruct City container, for pickup. Bundled small branches will also be picked up. Please be considerate of the weight of the bagged material. Wet yard waste gets heavy and can place an unintended strain on the solid waste staff and equipment. 

Residential Roll–Outs

Roll-out customers can bag reasonable amounts of lawn debris and place them in your container if there is room. Please be considerate of the weight of the material. Wet yard waste gets heavy and can place an unintended strain on the solid waste equipment.  

  • In an effort to provide routine leaf service in areas throughout Kalispell, Public Works has designated areas of leaf collection for each day of the week. Leaf Collection Map
  • Open burning is prohibited at all times in the city. Reasonable amounts of tree limbs will be picked up if they are cut less than 4' long then bundled and tied no more than 2' in diameter. (Alley Service or Special Pick-up request only)

Yard Waste & Stormwater

For removal of large branches or limbs from boulevard trees, please contact our Parks and Rec Department at 758-7718.

  1. Rethink | Re-purpose

Re-purposing yard waste for landscaping is good for the environment, can provide a more natural appearance in your landscape and can save you time and money. 

Compost your leaves. Chop them up first to speed up decomposition. Leaf mold (composted leaves) makes wonderful mulch, vegetable garden amendment, and has several uses in organic lawn care.


Let fallen leaves (and fallen twigs) remain. Leaves are variable in texture and can be collected and shredded at home. Shredding speeds decomposition and reduces leaves from blowing away. Mix shredded leaves into the soil in the fall and allow to break down naturally during the winter for improved soil quality. Leaves also provide food, nesting material, and cover for several types of wildlife, including birds and butterflies.



When mowing the lawn, use the mulching feature rather than bagging the clippings. Returning grass clippings to the yard keeps your lawn healthy and saves space in the landfill.


Questions or concerns regarding yard waste collection or a missed pick up should be directed to Public Works  at 

(406)758-7720, M-F 8am - 5pm