Utility Requests and Waivers

Forms & Waivers

Property Owners

All City utility accounts must stay in the name of the owner of the property. If you would like a tenant to receive a utility bill, they can be added as a 3rd party contact and will receive a copy of the utility bill. 

Either the owner or a property management company must sign the City of Kalispell’s Landlord Agreement (below). If this form is completed, tenants may receive the bill.

Please Note: Unpaid water and sewer charges are ultimately the property owner’s responsibility. It is the owner’s or property management company’s responsibility to make sure the tenant has paid the bill through their move-out day. Otherwise, the debt may fall on the owner. Please contact us if you need help determining if an account has been paid.


The City requires that utility bills remain in the property owner’s name.  If you are to be responsible for the utility bill per your rental agreement, the owner will need to sign a Landlord Water/Sewer Agreement allowing us to send the bill to you.

Please call 406-758-7745 to speak with a clerk. They will check to make sure there is a utility waiver on file for the property you are inquiring about.

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