School Resource Officers

The School Resource Officer (SRO) program is a detail within the Kalispell Police Department’s Detective Division. The SRO program embraces a triad concept:

  1. The first role the officer portrays is one of a law enforcement officer. The SRO addresses criminal complaints and enforces the law. 
  2. The second role the SRO portrays is one of a teacher/guest lecturer. The SRO provides law related information to students in a classroom setting. 
  3. The final role the SRO portrays is one of an informal counselor. The SRO provides counseling to students to help them make better decisions. 

The SRO also provides career counseling to students who are interested in law enforcement or related fields. 


During the school year, Kalispell Police Department SROs are based in the high schools, Flathead Valley Community College, and provide services to 11 public schools within School District 5, as well as several private schools. During the summer months, SROs are assigned to other duties within the department, including bicycle patrol, regular patrol, and investigations.

Our Officers

Cory Clarke - FVCC


Jesse Allen - KMS


Garrett Smith - GHS


Tara Oster - FHS