Paying Your Fine

lf the citation is a low misdemeanor (listed below) and does not require an appearance before the judge, you may go to the Clerk's Office (312 1st Ave East) and pay the fine prior to the date you are scheduled to appear in court. 


  • No Insurance first offense = $325 Unless you had insurance at the time you may appear and provide us a copy, we will validate it and dismiss the charge. Second and third No Insurance offenses are must appear charges.
  • Speeding 1 to 10 mph = $40.00, 11-20 mph = $60.00, 21-30 mph =$90.00, 31 -up mph = $120.00
  • Operating with Expired Registration - Fail to Register = $120 unless you register your vehicle prior to appearing and provide us a copy, we will reduce the fine to $60
  • Open Container = $120
  • Fail to Carry and produce Drivers License $120
  • Violation of Park Hours = $110
  • Fail to Obey Red (stop) Traffic Signal = $120
  • Following too Closely - Reasonable & Prudent = $120
  • Careless = $120
  • Seat-belt Violation = $40
  • Right of Way Violation = $120
  • Dog at large = $50, First offense, $100 second offense

Accepted Forms of Payment

Municipal Court accepts the following forms of payment: 

 You may pay online with a credit / debit card. 

Online Payment
We now have CitePayUSA!! Pay your fines online today! Please go online to CitePayUSAOpens a New Window. to pay. You will need the case number (located on your paperwork that you receive in open court - it will start with TK-390-20 - An example is:  TK-390-2018-0000618.  You will need to enter it EXACTLY as it appears - include all zeros).  and date of birth in order to access the fine information.

  • Some tickets may be paid online at CitePay, without appearing in court. In order for CitePay to find you ticket you will need to enter your citation number starting with the numbers "067" that precede the letters "A" . If the payment is past due CitePay will not allow online payment and the payment will need to be made by mail or at the counter. A 5% convenience will be charged for credit / debit card payments.

Time Payments
If you are unable to pay the fine in full you must appear to be granted time payments. Time pay payments are $25.00 per month till paid in full. 

If you need an extension on your fine payment, it must be requested on or before your due date. If it is after your due date you will have to appear in Open Court.

  • The court does NOT mail out monthly statements.  It is the responsibility of the defendant to know your due date and to make your payments on or before that date.  If you are late, you will get a notice of imminent drivers license suspension, that is the start of the over due process.  You must pay your past due amount to get current and stop the over due process, otherwise, your case will be sent to collections and yours drivers license will be suspended.

Delinquent Accounts

If you do not pay according to your court-ordered payment schedule your drivers license may be suspended, you could be held in contempt or your sentence could be revoked.