Mission Statement

“Protecting Our Community With The Highest Level of Professionalism.”

We accomplish our mission through highly trained fire fighters, a focus on community education and nationally recognized emergency medical skills.


  • Honesty
  • Personal Responsibility
  • Positive Attitude


  • Improve the performance of Fire Department personnel
  • Develop comprehensive operational and administrative guidelines and policies
  • Become visible and active in the Community

Services Provided

The Kalispell Firefighters do much more than just fight fires. They provide a wide variety of services within the community such as:

  • Advanced Life Support Transport
  • Fire and Emergency Medical Response
  • Fire Company Fire Inspections / Pre Fire Planning
  • Hydrant Inspections
  • Ice Rescue
  • Kalispell Police Special Response Team
  • Mutual Aid to neighboring jurisdictions
  • Northwest Hazardous Materials response team
  • Public Education
  • Technical rescue


In 2020 the Kalispell Fire Department responded to a total of 3,931 incidents. These numbers reflect fire, hazardous materials, technical rescue and emergency medical service types of calls. With these numbers we average a call volume of nine emergency responses per day. In addition the typical Kalispell fire fighter averages a yearly total of 300 documented training hours.